Manor 4 x 6 Shed
  • Manor 4 x 6 Shed
  • Manor 4 x 6 Shed
  • Manor 4 x 6 Shed
  • Manor 4 x 6 Shed
  • Manor 4 x 6 Shed
  • Manor 4 x 6 Shed
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Manor 4 x 6 Shed

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The sleek and slim Manor 4x6S shed is designed to fit in narrow spaces. It’s constructed out of weather-resistant, has double wall extruded panels and comes with a floor panel. It’s also ventilated and has a fixed window for natural light.  

Self assembly required.

  • Designed to fit in small spaces.
  • Suitable for all weather conditions, resisting damage like peeling and rusting to make this a low maintenance storage solution.
  • Included floor panel keeps stored items clean and dry by keeping them off the ground.
  • Fixed window allows for natural light and built-in ventilation helps make storage safer.
  • Ceiling is high enough for an adult to move around easily inside.
  • Easily assembled using household tools.
  • Capacity 3.8l
  • Weight: 49kg


External          Internal

W   130cm        111cm

D    192cm        177cm

H    198cm        190cm

Outdoor plastic sheds are becoming very popular due to their durability, ease of assembly, and weather-resistant structure. There is no need for maintenance, and your stored items will remain dry and secure in a plastic shed. 




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