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Zander Smiling Beach Frog

Standing out amongst garden foliage, our beach frogs are humorous and colourful and will bring a sense of the seaside to your home and garden. Use beach materials like sand and shells to create a fun nautical seaside display.


Seated Buddha Large

Introduce a calming sense of tranquillity into your home or garden with a stunning sculptural Resin Buddha. Looks great amongst the flowers, placed on a patio or taking centre stage in the house. Create a zen like feeling to help you relax in the place you enjoy most. The Buddha trend is increasing in popularity. In the latest brushed bronze colouring that brings a warm glow into the house, these are sure to be a winner



This strikingly realistic steel Peacock will add bright colour and unique character to any outdoor space. It stands majestically with intricately fine detailing on the head and tail, giving it a graceful style and elegance, while the hand-painted finish provides a truly vibrant look.

Boasting a sturdy steel construction, this life-like model is built to last and will be a charming feature in your home or garden for years to come.


Regal Pheasant

The Regal Pheasant is a beautiful handmade ornament that will bring some character to your home or garden.  This pheasant has been hand-made, assembled and painted by talented artisans to the highest standard. The ornament features a multitude of intricate details; from metal feathers, wings and eye details to brown chest plumage. The legs and feet are made from twisted metal wire.


Buddha Outdoor Canvas

Add a new dimension to your outdoor or indoor space with these stunning canvases. True works of art, they are bold and a real statement piece. UV and water resistant, they feature a weather resistant wood plastic composite frame and are supplied with wind-proof hangers which will withstand severe weather conditions.


Feathered Cockerel

This strikingly realistic steel Feathered Cockerel makes a beautiful statement piece in the home or garden. Perfect for adding a touch of the rustic country lifestyle to your indoor or outdoor space, it boasts a gorgeously detailed white, brown and red hand-painted finish that resonate charm and character.

With a sturdy steel construction, this life-like model is built to last and will be an elegant feature for years to come.



Large Buddha Head

A really stunning large Buddha head, ideal for indoor or outdoor use.



Sleek and traditionally styled, our timeless wirework collection will add elegance to your indoor or outdoor space. Featuring glow in the dark beads and a smooth lacquer finish, they look impressive both day and night. Popular choices year after year, choose some or all models from our well liked longstanding wirework collection and watch them fly off your shelf.


Buddha Heads Outdoor Canvas

Turn your garden into an art gallery with our Buddha Outdoor Canvas. True works of art, they are bright, bold and a real statement piece for any outdoor space. Designed specifically for any high moisture area and suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, try hanging in your bathroom, on your garden wall, fence or even on the side of your shed. They’ll spruce up any space and add a beautiful point of colour and interest.

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