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London Aluminium Armchairs

White Aluminium Armchairs with deep cushions.  Also available with light green Dralon Lux cushions for 245€ each.

345.00€ Save 120.00€

Gabon Armchair

A nice comfy, light grey rattan armchair with think beige cushions.

Glass top coffee table - 100€, or buy both for 365€.   


Lisbon Armchair Set

Two, modern white large rattan sofa armchairs with removeable grey cushion covers.

Corinto Coffee Table is an optional extra - Was 295€,  NOW 165€.

700.00€ Save 355.00€

San Jose Armchair Set

Two, luxurious, large brown rattan armchairs and a glass top coffee table.  Removeable cushion covers.

595.00€ Save 245.00€

Sevilla Armchair Set

Lovely Sofa Armchair in a beige weave with cushions (covers are removeable) and a small coffee table. 

770.00€ Save 375.00€

Bramblecrest Oakridge Armchair with Footstool


Bramblecrest Oakridge Sofa Armchair with footstool in a 5mm Oatmeal half rod weave and with seasonproof cushions.

755.00€ Save 125.00€

Tabana Chaise Longue

Brown rattan chaise longue and coffee table with glass tempered top.  Display model only.

1,095.00€ Save 400.00€

Amanda Sofa Armchairs

Two, luxurious, high back beige rattan armchairs with thick cream cushions with removeable covers.  As the chairs are singles, they can be pushed together to form a sofa or 2 single chairs depending on the space available.

The large coffee table with a shelf below is an optional extra - Was 425€, NOW 245€.

Pouffee with thick cream cushion with removeable cover is also an optional extra - Was 225€, NOW 135€.

1,195.00€ Save 400.00€

Kenia Armchair Set

Two, luxurious, high back brown rattan armchairs and a glass top coffee table.  Removeable cushion covers.

1,095.00€ Save 200.00€
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